I'm a Georgia Voter

I voted on Friday.  It took an hour.  It was amazing.  When we arrived at the Dekalb County Office we saw plenty of cars in the parking lot and figured we’d probably have to wait a bit in line, so we weren’t too surprised to see the line, once we got inside, went a good ways down the hallway.  So we picked up our forms and started following it.

And following it.

And following….

We walked all the way down a long hallway and turned, only to walk a long way down the next hallway.  At the end of that we ended up in an old warehouse-feeling part of the building and the line just kept going.

Here’s some pictures.

It was a great civic moment, or hour actually.  People of all races and socio-economic classes.  Gay couples and straight.  Moms with babies and single men who had never voted before.

When we finally got to the end of the line we arrived at the room with about 30 voting machines.  I popped in my electronic card and used the (silly) touchscreen voting machine.  My vote went off into the ether.  I sure hope it was counted because I don’t have any proof that it was made.

But I’ll remember that line forever.  Yes it should be shorter and easier to vote.  But, who knows, maybe one day I’ll tell my grandchildren about the day when I helped elect a remarkable leader, a true patriot, a paradigm-changing figure, the first black President of the United States.


  1. Marion says

    As a Canadian I want to thank you for voting. We’ve just come through an election with a voter turnout of 59% — our lowest ever in the history of our country. Lots of commentary about how our election didn’t matter and my vote was of little consequence just made me sad.

    I’m pretty sure our voters would not have stood in those kinds of lines, alas. I’m sorry your process is so onerous (surely there could be a better way!) but I’m glad so many of you hang in there and do the right thing!!

    I’ll be happy if Obama wins–I was a Hillary fan myself :-)

    (This is my first comment although I’ve been reading your blog for over a year. As another INTJ I was intrigued when I first saw your intro and have enjoyed following your journey wih interest ever since.)

  2. Ross K. says

    Those photos look like ringing endorsements for my state’s (Oregon’s) postal voting system: paper trails plus no lines. Granted though, I do miss out on this tactile event of democracy, which Adam appropriately appreciates. If only we could combine the best of both these worlds…

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