Social Media Blackout: This Time It’s Personal

I’m quitting social media. For a few days next week, that is. I think I might make it an annual occasion just like Harrisburg University. Readers might remember last year at this time when Harrisburg University of Science and Technology imposed a week-long ban on social media use on campus. Well, they’re at it again. […]

Friday free-for-all

So much is swirling around my already taxed mind these days I can’t seem to pop out a traditional post, so here’s some bullets from the swirl: The three state sanctioned executions this week greatly trouble me. Opposition to the death penalty is an issue deeply tied to my Christian faith, so much so that […]

Not quite the NY Times, but…

The Presbyterian News Service published this article on our approach and developing new ministry in Fargo-Moorhead. Writer Erin Dunigan was a blast to work with. I’ve posted the first few words below, but if you want to read the full piece — or not pull out your magnifying glass, click on the picture for the […]

Young adults are amoral heathens, but what’s new?

This week’s Theology Pub, a gathering of 20/30-somethings The Project FM hosts at a local bar to talk about God and life, tackled the topic “Is my truth better than yours?” Though it came out a few days too late, David Brooks’ NY Times Op-Ed yesterday, “If it feels right” would have been great pre-reading. […]

On apples and oranges known as an Interfaith Spirituality Panel & Republican Presidential Debate

This week I’ve found the juxtaposition of two evening events particularly striking. On Monday night, I attended an Interfaith Spirituality Panel of young women at Concordia College. Last night I watched (most of) the Republican Debate broadcast from the Reagan Library and Museum. The experiences could not have been more different. At the Interfaith Panel […]

Responding to Lillian Daniel’s “Spiritual but Not Religious” Column

On airplanes, I dread conversations too, just as Lillian Daniel wrote in a August 31, 2011 UCC devotional column that is making its merry way around Facebook. But that’s where my agreement ends. I understand Daniel’s piece was perhaps adapted from her long-form work on the subject, so I don’t want to be too harsh […]