5 Quick Thoughts on Traveling Abroad with Students

I’m currently traveling with 9 Concordia College students on a Justice Journey, in partnership with our campus ministry commission, to Ensenada, Mexico. Specifically, we’re learning and volunteering with Lantern Hill, a nonprofit that works with very poor indigenous persons on the outskirts of town. Here’s five highlights of travel with students off the top of my head (apologies for typos, I’m in a rush).

1) It’s a pleasure to have time to chat and think beyond a 70 minute class period. Discussions and relationships are deepened by traveling together. You also get into great areas of concern beyond your research area and connect with students from across the college.

2) When traveling its great to meet and deal with complexities and challenges beyond classroom work. Much of what the classroom attempts to model naturally comes up in a trip like ours, and it’s great to work with students as they process.

3) Laughter, jokes, and informal moments. They’re fun and freeing. Enough said.

4) As much as we can talk about challenges of justice, poverty, and American privilege in the classroom, it’s so much easier to go deeper faster when abroad–if the right reflection time is built in.

5) Since this journey is sponsored by campus ministry, questions of faith are very much discussed. While these come up in my classroom due to the nature of my teaching, it happens differently and more naturally on a travel experience such as this.

Must run. More next week. Plus…pictures!


  1. Lindsey Beal says

    The tables have turned! Now you are the travel leader, not student! Have a great trip! Glad so much great things are happening!

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