Friday Roundup: A Top Ten List

This post consists of small ideas, trifling opinions,  and middling proposals. In other words, it’s great! And, of course, it’s in 10.

  1. Want a cool somewhat churchy job, a large component of which will be focused on facilitating communications (web content management, social media, etc.) re young adults? You should apply to be the Assistant Young Adult Catalyst for the PC(USA). Apply fast, though, because I hear they hope to interview soon.
  2. Have you embarrassingly  laughed out loud, repeatedly, on a small, cramped train car in Central Europe recently? Well, I have, reading David Sedaris’s latest (or is it Sedaris’?) Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls. Hilarious.
  3. Speaking of books, I’m enjoying Searching for Zion: The Quest for Home in the African Diaspora by Emily Raboteau.I plan tImage 7-12-13 at 10.45 AMo suggest it as one of the spiritual autobiography options in my Faith and Leadership class this fall.
  4. I turned in my first paper for my PhD program at NDSU this week. Assuming I pass the course, that means I’m a whopping 4% done with coursework! Thankfully, though, that percentage should rocket up this fall when previous coursework transfers. Even so, I have many hours/months/years (but, please, not decades) of exciting studying ahead of me.
  5. The debate concerning federal student loan interest rate legislation—or lack thereof—really raises my hackles. Yes, as is often stated, rates will only increase $30 per month for the average borrower. But, that minimizes many students’ reality.  On $65,000 worth of debt—which is all too common—a 6.8% interest rate requires paying $24,700 of interest payments over the 10 year life of the loan. With a 3.4% interest rate, borrowers “only” pay interest of  $11,700 over 10 years. That’s $13,000 less! Call me cheap, but that’s a big difference and its pretty ridiculous for legislators to pretend the change is unsubstantial.
  6. I’ll be at the Presbyterian Youth Triennium next week with over 5,000 high school youth. Follow the Twitter conversation at #pyt13
  7. NPR had a story on hymns and the worship wars this week, “Modern hymn writers aim to take back Sunday.” I think Steve Thorngate critiques it well in, “The worship wars narrowly drawn.” Though I feel for reporters covering religion, especially controversial areas, it’s important to claim the context and this story didn’t quite do it.
  8. Not sure why DeadSpin is doing a story on the best cheap beer, but my MN pride beams (I think) that Grain Belt Premium took first place! Or, maybe it’s my Scottish side that just loves a bargain.
  9. There’s just a few more days until the submission deadline for my book on faith and college. I have a nice pile of solid essays so far, and look forward to more. Writers have also reported that putting down their stories has served as a worthwhile practice in itself.
  10. I may be addicted to books. I’m hitting the road soon for several weeks of conferences. I can’t imagine not taking at least 2 crates of books. Do I have a problem? Of course not. There’s definitely a slim possibility that I’ll look at least some of them.


  1. Laura Lee Kent says

    Re: #10 & the books – you could get an e-reader – lots lighter and all of the books you could ever want to take!

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