Monday Mind Dump

North Point Community Church in Atlanta’s iBand is pretty, well, disturbingly fantastic.Check out Carol of the Bells and Feliz Navidad. Crazy music, all done on iPads and iPhones.  (no word yet on iPeace or iJustice) So the Metrodome in Minneapolis collapsed yesterday under the weight of 17 inches of snow.  The Vikings’ Sunday game was […]

Following the Eddie Long story

Also posted at the CENTURY Blog As yet another megachurch pastor grabs national headlines for alleged sexual indiscretions, I’m tempted to skip the story entirely. I’d rather pretend that the civil lawsuits accusing Bishop Eddie Long of sexual misconduct don’t concern me. I’d prefer to believe that Long’s leadership at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church […]

Is Grand Forks the next Atlanta?

In the past ten years I’ve lived in a Florida town of 350,000 people, in the Atlanta area of 6 million plus, in a Scottish coastal town of 50,000, become quite familiar with the Twin Cities of 3 million, spent significant time in a Minnesota town of 1100, and now live in Grand Forks with […]

I'm Killing Your Newspaper and I'm Only Partly Remorseful

Looking for a first job/call in the PC(USA) is rather difficult these days (see this post), but I do thank my lucky stars that I’m not job hunting with a masters in journalism. The future does look pretty bleak — and scarily undefined — for print journalism these days. In part, thanks to bloggers like […]

Half cool? Half crazy? Hopefully, at least half a good idea.

I just clicked it.  My confirmation email has arrived.  I’m running in a half marathon, 13.1 miles, ten weeks from today (that’s Thanksgiving Day, by the way).   They say, “The half marathon is a friendly distance.”  They say, “The half is an approachable race.”  They say, “It’s fun.”  But who are they after all?  Those […]

Atlanta's 11 least influential people

Amidst a culture that seems to value more one’s potential influence than one’s person-hood, this video reminds me that God calls us to unexpected places, and even more, that Holy Spirit is blowing even without the church. While CNN Videos spend thousands covering such things as John Edward’s bagel before tonight’s debate, I’m thankful for […]