From Generation to Generation, Lent 2

A short essay of mine is up this week at Huffington Post Religion, ON Scripture, Day1 and Sojourners. Entitled, “From Generation to Generation” it’s a commentary on Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16, the Old Testament lectionary reading for this coming Sunday, Lent II. I’ll post the intro below, and I invite you to click over to the other sites for the full piece. From Generation […]

Palm-Powered Protest, a Palm Sunday Commentary

A short essay of mine is up this week at Huffington Post Religion, ON Scripture, Day1 and Sojourners. Entitled, “Palm-Powered Protest” it’s a commentary on Matthew 21:1-11, one of the lectionary readings for this coming Palm Sunday.

Luke, “God’s Plan,” & Vocation

Contemporary Christians should back away from sure and certain language of God’s plan for us. A burning bush is by far the exception for bringing about vocational clarity. God saves angels for only super-special occasions.

The Word Made Pixel: On Bible Apps

How does a Bible app change the way we encounter the Bible? Does it affect one’s theology of scripture? Does a Bible app actually change what Christians do in worship?  A few experiences in class and leading chapel this week at Concordia have wondering. In an article, “The App of God” in the July 2013 […]

When the Bible Becomes a Textbook

Thoughts on how to respond to the advice, “Whatever you do, don’t let the Bible become a textbook.”

Signs That the End Is Near, Mark 13:1-8

A commentary of mine went up this week on Mark 13:1-8, Sunday’s gospel lectionary text. The piece is for the Odyssey Networks ON Scripture series — they do great work! It post appears at ON Scripture, Huffington Post, and (talk about multi-platform publishing, Odyssey Networks). A teaser sentence is below. For the full piece, visit the other […]

Mark Vitalis Hoffman on technology and the body of Christ

My day has arrived to be featured on the Religion and Media Blog Tour 2012 with Professor Mark Vitalis Hoffman (website, blog), Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. (More information and a listing of all the tour stops here.) In August, LTSG, in partnership with Luther Seminary, will launch of […]

Acts 8:26-40, Castrating Our Customs

An exegetical essay of mine went up today at ON Scripture, a wonderful project of public theology hosted by Odyssey Networks. The project has a partnership with Huffington Post’s Religion work, so it also appears at that site. I’m going to start regularly posting some essays at my new Huffington Post portal which, honestly, is […]

Did Jesus die for robots too?

Originally posted at Gathering Voices: Faith Conversations from In 1968, international chess champion David Levy bet that no computer could beat him in the next ten years. Levy won the bet in 1978 prevailing against the most powerful computer at the time. Afterwards, Levy said it’d only be a matter of time until the computers […]