The next post in my creativity blog series — in which I interview particularly creative folks who impress me, and should probably impress you — features Erika Strandjord. Erika has a PhD in rhetoric, so she can analyze pretty much anything and everything. Plus, she has funky glasses and hearts rosemaling. Read on to learn about weasel memes and knitted Christmas owls, among other pleasing, unpredictable professor pastimes

Working too much for the earth’s own good

What do a sociologist who wins prizes from economists, a Trappist monk, a former Princeton University school of public affairs Dean, and a best-selling cookbook author have in common? Their work all concerns the dangerous, unsustainable, even violent nature of busyness and overwork.

Where your bagel came from

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That, indeed, is the US Capitol, live wheat, and a combine. This isn’t the work of Photoshop, rather it’s the Urban Wheat Field facilitated by the Wheat Foods Council and the National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG). And how’s this for cool points: a member of our congregational (and […]

Travel Mug Marvel

Some people have life goals of curing cancer or climbing Everest; I search for the perfect coffee mug. My most beloved non-travel mugs are all handmade pottery, most from North Carolina. Such beautiful and functional mugs are not easy to find, but they are out there at least, awaiting my discovery if I invest enough […]

Man in Overalls

My blog will be a bit quiet this week due to Thanksgiving festivities and family in town.  As my North American readers head to the grocery stores this week to buy food from across the world for their Thanksgiving dinner, I thought I’d give a shout out to my friend Nathan in Tallahassee. Nathan, whose […]


Anybody out there read “Starbucked: A Double Tall Tale of Caffeine, Commerce, and Culture” by Taylor Clark? I ask — and will add it to my wish list — because it seems to examine the sorts of questions behind Starbucks that I’ve wondered about. Here’s a few assertions of mine, I wonder if Clark backs […]

I make good hummus, and you can too…

Yum.  Hummus.  Healthy and tasty.  Good on sandwiches, great as dip with carrots, crackers, green peppers.  Yum. A small tub at Kroger is about $4.  You can make it at home for about $1.  (That’s a savings of $3.) Simple stuff.  Just buy the ingredients, pop them into a blender, and serve.   Adam’s Hummus […]