Notes from Nicaragua: Experiencing the Hospitality of Farmers

Chandler Carriker, my co-facilitator for the Concordia College and Lutheran World Relief travel seminar to Nicaragua posted this yesterday. Check it out in full at the LWR blog. Driving through the mountains of Nicaragua and looking out over the valleys, I don’t feel all that far away from the pine-filled mountains and valleys of western […]

A few thoughts on giving to Haiyan Disaster response, with a shoutout to LWR

LWR’s Haiyan response will focus on providing shelter repair kits; providing debris removal through a cash-for-work program; and providing non-food items such as cooking supplies. They’re also sending four shipping containers of Quilts & Kits that will reach at least 26,000 people!

5 Reasons Why I Pray that Bishop Eaton Joins Twitter

A few days ago, at an elaborate worship service in Chicago, the Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton was installed as the Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. She is not on Twitter. That fact—that the new ELCA Presiding Bishop does not tweet—may strike most people as inconsequential (or even a blessing), but during […]

Church-related or Christian. What of college affiliation?

Is there a difference between a “Christian College” and a “church-related” college? What is the best working connection between faith and learning in higher education?

Concordia & LWR: A Nicaragua Scouting Trip Top 10

Last week I traveled with a colleague and student leader from Concordia College to Nicaragua where we learned about the amazing work Lutheran World Relief is doing in the country. If plans proceed as I hope: Concordia students, look for info this fall about a May 2014 LWR Justice Journey seminar to Nicaragua!

Is Seminary for Slackers?

In a recent private forum I heard, “Graduate theological education should be reserved for the very best. Seminaries, on the other hand, should have room for everyone.” Is that true?

Brief Reflections in My Final Days Leading The Project F-M

This is my last week serving as Director and Mission Developer of The Project F-M (our new Director starts Wednesday!). Much is swirling through my head — and past my desktop — these last days, but here’s a few fairly random thoughts about leadership, young adult ministry, and transition. It’s all about relationships. Thankfully, since […]

The Vocation of a Lutheran College

I have recently returned from the 18th Vocation of a Lutheran College Conference held at Augsburg College, Minneapolis. The conference theme was “A Calling to Embrace Creation: Lutheran Higher Education, Sustainability and Stewardship.” I enjoyed both the conference as a whole and exploring the particular sustainability theme, and I’m left with the following thoughts, some […]

Review: Keeping the Faith in Seminary, Ellie Roscher ed.

I know of plenty books that tell you how to get into medical school, how to study for the LSAT, or how to thrive in business school, but books on seminary education are pretty rare indeed. Keeping the Faith in Seminary not only fills a gap in for anyone interested in what seminary is like […]