Notes from Nicaragua: Experiencing the Hospitality of Farmers

Chandler Carriker, my co-facilitator for the Concordia College and Lutheran World Relief travel seminar to Nicaragua posted this yesterday. Check it out in full at the LWR blog. Driving through the mountains of Nicaragua and looking out over the valleys, I don’t feel all that far away from the pine-filled mountains and valleys of western […]

What on Earth? Earth Day, God, and the Apocalypse

An essay of mine is up today at Huffington Post Religion, ON Scripture, Day1 and Sojourners. Entitled, “What on Earth? Earth Day, God, and the Apocalypse” it is a commentary on Revelation 21:1-6, one of the lectionary readings for this coming Sunday. I’ll post the intro below, and I invite you to click over to the other sites […]

7 Election Issues I Care About That Aren’t Talked About

Bruce Reyes Chow is asking, as part of Patheos’ Election 2012 coverage, “What Presbyterians Should Care About” this election. Here’s my answer: I have a particular interest in the issues we aren’t talking about this election season. I can’t be totally sure this is due to my faith rather than my penchant for debate. Either […]

The Vocation of a Lutheran College

I have recently returned from the 18th Vocation of a Lutheran College Conference held at Augsburg College, Minneapolis. The conference theme was “A Calling to Embrace Creation: Lutheran Higher Education, Sustainability and Stewardship.” I enjoyed both the conference as a whole and exploring the particular sustainability theme, and I’m left with the following thoughts, some […]

Good Friday and Earth Day

Today, for the first time ever, Earth Day falls on Good Friday. So, you can stop by Starbucks or Caribou Coffee with your travel mug and get a free cup of coffee on the way to Good Friday services. What a country! I wondered, however, if any Christians were working on the connection between the […]

Oil price surge GOOD for drivers

Yesterday’s headline on the front page of the dead tree edition of the Grand Forks Herald read, “Oil price surge bad for drivers, good for N.D. revenue.” I appreciate the difficulty of writing pithy headlines (and sermon titles), but I think either writer Dave Roepke, or perhaps his editor, erred. It may be the case […]

“In the quite-likely event of an emergency, remain calm”

Bailouts, breached levees, and pregnant chads, oh my! I’m not much of a retrospective guy, but David Von Drehle’s “2000: A Nation Divided” in TIME a few weeks back has kept me in the mood for some time now. And reading Dave Eggers’ fantastic book Zeitoun this week only drove the nail home. Here’s what […]

Where your bagel came from

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That, indeed, is the US Capitol, live wheat, and a combine. This isn’t the work of Photoshop, rather it’s the Urban Wheat Field facilitated by the Wheat Foods Council and the National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG). And how’s this for cool points: a member of our congregational (and […]

Solving life’s mysteries one pondering at a time

An inquisitive guy, I often find myself asking questions out loud like, “I wonder why it takes organic milk so much longer to sour than non-organic milk?” Every day or so, I’ll ask another question to Megan or someone around me (I have very patient friends). Well, I finally answered the organic milk mystery a […]