Reaching Out to Young Adults Will Screw Up Your Church

While many churches say “we want young people” they don’t really. If young adults actually showed up and joined their church for good, the change they’d naturally bring with them would be stark, even off-putting. In fact, making a congregation welcoming for young adults necessarily means it will get less comfortable for the current members.

Smartphones, Smart Pastor, Smart Church

Next time you see a group of young adults dining together at a restaurant, take a closer look at the table. Nine times out of ten, you’ll be able to glimpse at least one cell phone resting on the tablecloth or, just as likely, in someone’s hand. In many cases, multiple phones will dot the table as if they were part of the place settings. One might deduce that young people today have a medical condition causing indigestion unless they eat with their phones near at hand. Come to think of it, that’s dangerously close to the truth.

The dining scene hints at the fact that many youth and young adults today have a relationship with technology and social media that is core to their formation….

Here’s a list of five common phenomena among young people, and how the church might incorporate them into its worship, preaching, and communal life:

Turning Lutheran


In 26 days I become a Lutheran. It could be quite painful. They might try to flush out my tartan Knox/Calvinist blood with a steady stream of lutefisk, lefse, and German beer (well, come to think of it, two out of three of those ain’t too bad). In truth, I only jest. I’m not really […]

Meme: My Faith, My Tattoo

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1. Describe your tattoo(s):

Married to a Medical School Student

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That’s me. At one time, my partner Megan worked for Luther Seminary in St. Paul, during which time she began a support blog for the spouses of seminary students in the distance learning program she coordinated. So surely it’s only fair for me now to reflect on being a med school spouse. My advice in […]

One Hundred Sermons


A few weeks ago, thankfully without any fanfare, I preached my 100th sermon. I know this number not because I carefully keep track, but because there are 100 files in my computer’s “Sermon” folder. Many of you more seasoned pastors might scoff at a piddly number like 100, but I’m guessing that, of those who […]