In praise of Fargo, new media, love & equality

Here’s a heartwarming story of collective action, love, and social media savvy, all set in my lovely Fargo/Moorhead. Call it David vs. Goliath. Call it new media vs. old media. Call it young adults vs. not so young anymore. Whatever the name, it’s a good story. On Monday, the Fargo Forum newspaper opted to reject […]

Pastors on Facebook…twice?!

Over the past few weeks I’ve interviewed 11 pastors (well, that includes a few “church leaders” who aren’t technically “pastors”) for a paper I’m writing on pastors who use multiple Facebook accounts — one account for professional purposes and another (often more hidden account) for personal purposes. I’m still compiling my research and making it […]

Can one protest corporations while wearing JCrew and using an iPhone?

  One of my more conservative friends posted this picture on his Facebook page recently, shared under the headline, “It’s funny, because it’s true.” I get it. Ironic, right? Maybe so. Yes, the captions make a point, but it’s not one I find compelling. In fact, it illustrates just how important the protests are, and […]

Christmas + Scotland = Weird

Living in a foreign country during a holiday season is, well, weird.  Traditions aren’t the same.  Festive food is different.  Even the Christmas carols aren’t sung to the right tunes.  To top it all off, this is my first Christmas ever over which I do not have a long break from work or school.  Rather […]

Thanksgiving Scottish Style

Unlike 95% of Americans, we didn’t eat turkey on Thursday.  In Scotland, you see, Thursday was like any other day–though the great weather did allow for a beautiful game of golf.  Instead, Megan and I hosted a Thanksgiving party Friday night. (for more pictures, click on the turkey…yes it’s a turkey ) My only Thanksgiving […]