Why Kristof’s Latest Column Stings & Why He’s Right

Kristof says professors should move beyond our academic “turgid prose” and “gobbledygook” and shape our culture’s great debates. He’s right, but he misses much of the point.

For Real? Planning to Hold a College Religion Class as a Live Twitter Chat

Is it crazy to hold a college class on Twitter? Perhaps. But we’re going to give it a try. Here’s how…

The Future of Theological Education

How does graduate theological education need to change? Why is bi-vocational a dirty word? What does the wise Robert Saler have to say about it?

When the Bible Becomes a Textbook

Thoughts on how to respond to the advice, “Whatever you do, don’t let the Bible become a textbook.”

Ready or Not, Spring Semester Has Come

The semester has begun again and, ready or not, I’m in for a full one. Before I’m too swamped, here’s a few quick highlights of the last 10 days and expectations for the semester ahead. College Conference at Montreat Along with my dear friend Taylor Lewis Guthrie Hartman, I served as Co-Director of the College […]

Dear Cynical Professor: How Did Your Students Change the World?

Last week I mentioned to a class of mine that I hoped to grow up and one day to become an old, wise, cynical, professor (I didn’t say “with elbow patches,” because that’s obvious). The students laughed, but I didn’t really mean it as a joke. Turns out, I don’t think they appreciated my dedication […]

Testing the Aims of College

I’m sick and tired of the perspective (often coming out of Washington, or from local politicians of all stripes) that college is primarily — or only — about job preparation, or even more narrow: getting a job at all. As hesitant as I am to consider any sort of enormous exam for already stressed-out college students, I don’t think it’s a crazy idea if it helps refocus higher education on LEARNING.

Teaching Faith & Leadership: If it were easy, it’d be boring

Teaching “Faith and Leadership” is tough and fun. I don’t test student on who Jesus is. I test on how to think, speak, discern, and argue in a world of competing claims.

Learner Beware: Why I’m Starting a PhD Program in the Humanities and Why I Recommend Against It

“Do what I say, not what I do.” I recently began a PhD program in Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture. Why? Because I’m a glutton for punishment, bad odds, and the esoteric. Also, I’m a sucker for academic virtues and the love of learning. But, learner beware: a PhD in the humanities is probably a bad idea.