Engaging Hate Online: Respond & Reframe

#usemeinstead Clergy’s well-intentioned, digital response to injustice is critiqued as racist. When confronting injustice online, Christian leaders must respond and reframe.

In Praise of the Archbishop of Doubt

In a click-obsessed world it’s not surprising that the archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. Justin Welby, drew some gasping headlines last week. But for me, the truly noteworthy story would have occurred if Welby responded, “No, never have I ever doubted.

Why Kristof’s Latest Column Stings & Why He’s Right

Kristof says professors should move beyond our academic “turgid prose” and “gobbledygook” and shape our culture’s great debates. He’s right, but he misses much of the point.

For Real? Planning to Hold a College Religion Class as a Live Twitter Chat

Is it crazy to hold a college class on Twitter? Perhaps. But we’re going to give it a try. Here’s how…

The Future of Theological Education

How does graduate theological education need to change? Why is bi-vocational a dirty word? What does the wise Robert Saler have to say about it?

Flaws & All, Let’s Have More Like Reza Aslan’s “Zealot”

The book is a basically a mixture of rehashed historical Jesus work and quite good creative non-fiction. In short, it works pretty well as a relatively gripping overview of Jesus’ life. It has flaws, but I’m willing to forgive Aslan’s foibles. I’m so hungry for smart public discussion of religion, perfection is the furthest thing from my mind.

A few thoughts on giving to Haiyan Disaster response, with a shoutout to LWR

LWR’s Haiyan response will focus on providing shelter repair kits; providing debris removal through a cash-for-work program; and providing non-food items such as cooking supplies. They’re also sending four shipping containers of Quilts & Kits that will reach at least 26,000 people!

Testing the Aims of College

I’m sick and tired of the perspective (often coming out of Washington, or from local politicians of all stripes) that college is primarily — or only — about job preparation, or even more narrow: getting a job at all. As hesitant as I am to consider any sort of enormous exam for already stressed-out college students, I don’t think it’s a crazy idea if it helps refocus higher education on LEARNING.

Stewardship: New Ideas, New Media, New Moves

Amazon.com WidgetsI’m speaking within the next few hours at a Luther Seminary conference, Stewardship with Adults Under 40. Below is a list of links and references my talk will address. Follow along with the Twitter hashtag, #StewUnder40. Ultimately, I’m making the argument: Unless we in the church engage digital technologies…we are not fully living into our […]