Theological Doctrines, Plain Speech, & the Public Square

What basic Christian tenet, doctrine, or word have you struggled to “translate” into plain speech? That question is part of an essay prompt I’m considering for a July writing workshop with Kathleen Norris at the Collegeville Institute at St. John’s Abbey and University in Minnesota. Can you help me think out loud on this one? […]

“Click 2 Save: The Digital Ministry Bible,” A Review

Though doing so makes me a bit bashful as I’m featured in it, I would like to review Click 2 Save: The Digital Ministry Bible by Elizabeth Drescher and Keith Anderson (both Twitter and Facebook friends whom I’ve never met in real life. Yet.) In short: it’s a darn good book. Unless you have a […]

Reaching Out to Young Adults Will Screw Up Your Church

While many churches say “we want young people” they don’t really. If young adults actually showed up and joined their church for good, the change they’d naturally bring with them would be stark, even off-putting. In fact, making a congregation welcoming for young adults necessarily means it will get less comfortable for the current members.

Ready. Set. Speak! & Relax

It was late and one chair sat empty when I got an uneasy feeling in my stomach. Looking at the panelists seated up front, I knew the speaker from the Jewish tradition, the Islamist, and the Buddhist were present. By process of elimination, I figured the other two occupying their chairs were the Hindu and […]

NPR, Same-sex marriage, Lutherans, & the Bible

President Obama, by citing his Christian faith as contributing to his “evolution” on same-sex marriage, instigated a blip in media coverage of religion and the Bible. Many Christians have jumped at the opportunity to quote scripture and preach “Christian marriage” but it’s not a simple message. NPR’s Barbara Bradley Hagerty’s coverage May 11, “Same Bible, […]

Mark Vitalis Hoffman on technology and the body of Christ

My day has arrived to be featured on the Religion and Media Blog Tour 2012 with Professor Mark Vitalis Hoffman (website, blog), Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. (More information and a listing of all the tour stops here.) In August, LTSG, in partnership with Luther Seminary, will launch of […]

Pastors on Facebook…twice?!

Over the past few weeks I’ve interviewed 11 pastors (well, that includes a few “church leaders” who aren’t technically “pastors”) for a paper I’m writing on pastors who use multiple Facebook accounts — one account for professional purposes and another (often more hidden account) for personal purposes. I’m still compiling my research and making it […]

Acts 8:26-40, Castrating Our Customs

An exegetical essay of mine went up today at ON Scripture, a wonderful project of public theology hosted by Odyssey Networks. The project has a partnership with Huffington Post’s Religion work, so it also appears at that site. I’m going to start regularly posting some essays at my new Huffington Post portal which, honestly, is […]

Blog Tour on Religion and Media

Today marks the start of a Blog Tour on Religion and Media organized by the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. The tour on Religion and Media will run April 30 – May 11 and is intended “to engage in a wide-ranging conversation with bloggers and their readers on issues related to religion and media.” This […]