Ten Transitional Tidbits

The last few weeks have been a bit intense with a delightful vacation to visit family in Alaska, and a much less delightful placing of all my earthly belongings into boxes and then taking them out again a few days later. But, finally, Megan and I feel somewhat settled in Minneapolis. I start my new […]

Dear Target: This Thanksgiving…Don’t Do It!

I recently heard the horrible news about Black Friday. Best Buy is opening stores at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving—and STAYING OPEN through the night to Black Friday, Nov. 29th. Target has yet to announce their hours. For the love of pumpkin pie, Target, please wait to open until actual Black Friday.

Friday Roundup: A Top Ten List

This post consists of small ideas, trifling opinions,  and middling proposals. In other words, it’s great! And, of course, it’s in 10. Want a cool somewhat churchy job, a large component of which will be focused on facilitating communications (web content management, social media, etc.) re young adults? You should apply to be the Assistant […]

A Rude Welcome to Olmsted County, Minnesota

Dear Jason Sethre, Publisher/Editor of the Olmsted County Journal, As a new part-time resident of Olmsted County, I picked up a copy of the July 3, 2013 edition of your newspaper eager to get a sense of my new community. All was well until page five, when I was met with an atrocious opinion piece by State Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen, “Guest Commentary: Thoughts on the passage of the gay marriage bill.”

MPR Op-Ed: A Lesson in Caution, in time for Christmas

A Minnesota Public Radio commentary of mine went up today, “A lesson in caution, in time for Christmas.” I’ve posted the introduction below, but you’ll need to click over to the MPR site for the full piece.   A lesson in caution, in time for Christmas A few days ago I wrote a bitter, snarky […]

Eboo Patel at Concordia College: “Sacred Ground: Pluralism, Prejudice, and the Promise of America”

Dr. Eboo Patel, founder of Interfaith Youth Core, member of the President’s religious advisory council, and interfaith movement rock star, visited Concordia College’s campus this week. He was splendid. Speaking at Convocation, giving a public lecture, and appearing at a full day’s worth of conversations, Patel set a tone for our year of interfaith cooperation, […]

In praise of Fargo, new media, love & equality

Here’s a heartwarming story of collective action, love, and social media savvy, all set in my lovely Fargo/Moorhead. Call it David vs. Goliath. Call it new media vs. old media. Call it young adults vs. not so young anymore. Whatever the name, it’s a good story. On Monday, the Fargo Forum newspaper opted to reject […]

Hopes and fears from Collegeville

A post from the Collegeville Institute, Summer Writing Program: Theology in the Real World with Kathleen Norris “What are our hopes and fears for the week?” Kathleen asks us Sunday night as the shadows fall and the mosquitoes fly. “Write them down. We’ll share them in the morning.” Fears? Fear are easy. Anxiety is one […]

Theological Doctrines, Plain Speech, & the Public Square

What basic Christian tenet, doctrine, or word have you struggled to “translate” into plain speech? That question is part of an essay prompt I’m considering for a July writing workshop with Kathleen Norris at the Collegeville Institute at St. John’s Abbey and University in Minnesota. Can you help me think out loud on this one? […]