Stewardship with Adults Under 40

People of faith must ask the question: “How is God calling us to be stewards of social media?” Consider this, and other contemporary questions concerning stewardship with adults under 40 at Luther Seminary’s stewardship leaders conference July 29-31 in St. Paul.

Young Adults & Stewardship: What Gives?

Does Christian stewardship look different for millennials who grew up in our increasingly post-Christian world replete with Facebook, Justin Bieber, and legalized marijuana? Is the sky blue? Is North Dakota cold in winter? The good folks at Luther Seminary’s Center for Stewardship Leadership and I have been in some conversations recently about young adults and […]

Taxing the uninformed

Also posted at Gathering Voices a blog for The Obamas and Bidens released their tax returns this week. If you were wondering, President Obama made $1.7 million, well down from last year (I guess e-book sales really are hurting authors these days). The Bidens’ income was $379,000, though their charitable giving of 1.4% of their […]

Jell-O Confessions

It’s much too early to reflect fully on my ministry in Hallock, but it’s always the right time for bullet points. So, here’s my top twelve reflections on my first stab at pastoral ministry….

What would Jesus wear to prom?

Originally posted at Gathering Voices: Faith Conversations from When I was in high school, I used to hate it when older people spoke to me using phrases like, “Well, when you get to the real world…” Um, last time I checked, high school students do indeed live in the real world, and for many it’s […]

On Saturday Delivery and Daily Navel Gazing

The US Post Office is considering dropping Saturday delivery. Postmaster General John Potter recently released consultant reports Tuesday that project the U.S. Postal Service will lose $7 billion this year. Elected representatives are in a tricky position because they have been touting cutting the deficit, but also don’t want to close post offices in rural […]

Negotiating for a Better Future

Some denominations do it better. The transition into ministry process, and supporting pastors in negotiating Terms of Call, that is. Way back when I was in seminary and taking the course Congregational Leadership and Administration, another student described the call process in his denomination. Much of the process was similar to my PC(USA) experience — […]

Money Matters

I just got back from a meeting with Megan. Yes, I have meetings with my spouse. Scheduled meetings for particular purposes. It works brilliantly. About every few weeks Megan and I will schedule a meeting to sit down and go over our budget. We’ll look at the shape of monthly income and expenditures. We’ll chat […]

Stewardship in an Economic Downturn

Several of my pastor friends are in the midst of overseeing their first stewardship campaigns in the midst of the worse economic crisis since the great depression.  Darn. I’ve heard it said, though, that church givings tend not to go down in difficult economic times.  If this is true, what might it suggest? Do people […]