Complicating Values Based Budgeting


In my first few weeks directing the Center for Stewardship Leaders, it’s been fascinating to observe how often the topic of budgets comes up. Pastors, non-profit leaders, money managers, students, and others have all encouraged me, with the center’s resources, to emphasize the importance of careful budgeting. A common sub-theme of these conversations is the […]

Young Adults & Stewardship: What Gives?


Does Christian stewardship look different for millennials who grew up in our increasingly post-Christian world replete with Facebook, Justin Bieber, and legalized marijuana? Is the sky blue? Is North Dakota cold in winter? The good folks at Luther Seminary’s Center for Stewardship Leadership and I have been in some conversations recently about young adults and […]

Taxing the uninformed

Also posted at Gathering Voices a blog for The Obamas and Bidens released their tax returns this week. If you were wondering, President Obama made $1.7 million, well down from last year (I guess e-book sales really are hurting authors these days). The Bidens’ income was $379,000, though their charitable giving of 1.4% of their […]