Same-Sex Marriage & the Christian Majority

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Within 10 minutes on Monday morning, I ran into not one, but two news stories covering the “Christian reaction” to the Supreme Court’s ruling last week affirming the rights of citizens to same-sex marriage. I was first annoyed by the stories’ characterization of Christianity, but now I’m not so sure.

Designing a new course, “Word to the Wise,” Want to help?


Next semester, I’m planning to teach “Word to the Wise: Writing for Religious and Social Change.” I’m posting my thoughts on the course design thus far with the hope that you, dear Internets, will suggest tweaks, correct horrendous ideas, and/or send me more boxes of books to read.

Testing the Aims of College


I’m sick and tired of the perspective (often coming out of Washington, or from local politicians of all stripes) that college is primarily — or only — about job preparation, or even more narrow: getting a job at all. As hesitant as I am to consider any sort of enormous exam for already stressed-out college students, I don’t think it’s a crazy idea if it helps refocus higher education on LEARNING.

Eat Your Heart Out, Congressman! After the Food Stamp Vote, 10 Scripture Verses for Rep. Cramer

This weekend my elected representative, Congressman Kevin Cramer (R-ND) responded to a constituent who questioned Rep. Cramer’s vote cutting our nation’s food stamp program by $40 billion with the Bible verse: “If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.” Since Rep. Cramer appreciates quotes taken from the Bible without any concern for context, I’ve made him a handy list. Warning: don’t read on an empty stomach!