Debating Religion & the Presidency

At last week’s Republican Presidential Debate hosted by CNN in Jacksonville, Florida, a wonderful question was asked of the candidates: if elected, how would their religious beliefs affect their decisions as president.

I don’t mean to Monday morning quarterback — actually, yes I do, because this question is the sort of thing I think about a lot (from the discipleship angle, not the presidential one). So, with the benefit of plenty of time to think, I thought I’d take a stab at my own response.

Sex on campus, the campaign trail, & in the classroom

Megan and I recently gave away four boxes of books and sold two others to secondhand book dealers. Taking old beloved books off our shelves was a painstaking process. Most of the books we ended up giving away were from college and seminary (if you were wondering: science books resell for a whole lot more […]

Responding to Weiner’s “Americans: Undecided About God?

A pastor friend wrote me this weekend wondering my take on Eric Weiner’s recent NY Times Sunday Review Opinion piece. My friend wrote, “[Weiner] seeks a new, entrepreneurial religion, one that allows doubt and skepticism (yes please) but one, it seems that we control, create and manipulate (no thanks).” Read Wiener’s piece for yourself: “Americans: Undecided About […]

He says on SheSays: Forum’s new Women Section must go

My local newspaper, the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, recently launched a new section: “SheSays.” No, you have not just been transported back fifty years (after all, you’re reading this post on a blog and the section title — “SheSays” — is clearly modern because it lacks the space between the words. SoHip. IfOnly.) Judging from the […]

Can one protest corporations while wearing JCrew and using an iPhone?

  One of my more conservative friends posted this picture on his Facebook page recently, shared under the headline, “It’s funny, because it’s true.” I get it. Ironic, right? Maybe so. Yes, the captions make a point, but it’s not one I find compelling. In fact, it illustrates just how important the protests are, and […]

Friday free-for-all

So much is swirling around my already taxed mind these days I can’t seem to pop out a traditional post, so here’s some bullets from the swirl: The three state sanctioned executions this week greatly trouble me. Opposition to the death penalty is an issue deeply tied to my Christian faith, so much so that […]

On apples and oranges known as an Interfaith Spirituality Panel & Republican Presidential Debate

This week I’ve found the juxtaposition of two evening events particularly striking. On Monday night, I attended an Interfaith Spirituality Panel of young women at Concordia College. Last night I watched (most of) the Republican Debate broadcast from the Reagan Library and Museum. The experiences could not have been more different. At the Interfaith Panel […]

What’s the big deal about Rick Perry’s Prayer Rally?

The news coverage was pretty huge beforehand. Commentators rattled on re the appropriateness of Gov. Rick Perry’s Houston prayer rally, The Response. Sure, I read the articles and took in the ruckus. Afterwards, I dutifully read the follow-up and even watched a video Rick Perry’s full remarks. Sarah Posner, as usual, has some of the […]

God bless the people of every nation

“God bless the people of every nation.” That’s what my favorite July 4th shirt says. It was the theme of a July 4 celebration in which I participated several years ago. The quote, I believe, is from David Lamotte. I used to have a bumper sticker that said the same thing. “God bless the people […]