Election Day Communion & the Sacrament of Voting

Partisan politics separates us; Christ’s table unites us. Divisions into red and blue, voter blocs and turn-out machines cheapens us; the Lord’s Supper strengthens us. Yard signs, social media fights, and bumper stickers reduce us; in the bread and the wine Christ’s love is multiplied beyond our understanding.

7 Election Issues I Care About That Aren’t Talked About

Bruce Reyes Chow is asking, as part of Patheos’ Election 2012 coverage, “What Presbyterians Should Care About” this election. Here’s my answer: I have a particular interest in the issues we aren’t talking about this election season. I can’t be totally sure this is due to my faith rather than my penchant for debate. Either […]

7 Ways to Remain Faithful (and Sane) This Election Season

Capitol Building by Randy Mcwilson

Political advertisements assail our TVs. Yard signs sprout on every block. Email solicitations storm our inboxes daily. Whether we like it or not, November 6 is just around the corner. Short of going underground — or moving to Canada — how is a person to survive the torrent? It’s no easy task to stay faithful, […]

5 Reasons to Stop Calling Things ‘God’s Plan’


Topping the list of the most annoying and least helpful excuses ever is the phrase, “It was God’s plan.” George Zimmerman, a Florida neighborhood watch member charged with the murder of Trayvon Martin, used it this week in an interview with Sean Hannity. Here’s five reasons to stop throwing around the phrase, “It was God’s plan.”

Rev. Wright Redux: A Conversation Worth Having

Note: this piece was written in the initial hours after the NY Times story broke, but for some unknown reason did not go live on Huffington Post until this evening. So, apologies for missing the news cycle. And, also, for not addressing more recent events and commentary. Post originally published here, at HuffPost religion. I’ve […]