Tallahassee Tussle: My More Cynical View of the Election

In last Sunday’s Tallahassee Democrat, Mary Ann Lindley argues that the current cultural obsession with Sarah Palin will soon fade, and Americans will return to considering the election in terms of issues. Oh if only I could agree.  Lindley’s argument is two part. First, she quite rightly suggests that Palin is receiving significant media and […]

Too funny not to post

Only 30 seconds.  Hilarious.  


I don’t have much original to add to the conversation around Palin, but here’s a wee bit. I’m troubled that she has repeatedly used her son about to be deployed to Iraq in her speeches, even as the campaign fumes over any public discussion of her pregnant daughter.  Leave your kids out of politics–as McCain […]

Church + Politics = Funny Stuff

  I returned from Scotland in the midst of several local elections in Decatur. Local elections, because of fairly simply ballot access, tend to bring out, shall we say, “unique characters.” There was Sally “Angry-Taxpayer” Jones. And then this guy, whose name will remain secret. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution interviewed each candidate for a small fairly […]

Energy Policy of Stupid

  This week’s non-debate debate about energy policy has been fascinating. Neither candidate–except Nader and Gore–really excites me about energy. Here’s why… I like high gas prices. I don’t want prices to come down, I want them to stay between $4-5 a gallon. Americans drove 3% less these last few months compared to last year, […]

Series: What I learned about America by living in Scotland, Part II

Part II: Americans are conservative (for part I see: America is big. No, really, America is BIG!) A few months ago, Reubin Askew, former Democratic governor of Florida who also served in the Carter administration, was a guest on the BBC political show “Question Time.” After spending some time in the UK, Askew explained to […]

Obama "resigns" from his church

You’ve got to feel for Obama.  Not only did his former pastor throw him under the bus, now a neighboring pastor throws gas on the smoldering coals and he’s got to cut the cord completely.  This really makes you wonder about ecclessiology and politics, and how preaching can be liberative, contextual, and biblical when CNN […]


Carol at Tribal Church and I are having a conversation about the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright. Most recently, I asked Carol: How do you approach a sermon with which you deeply disagree? If you don’t agree with it, does that mean it’s not God’s word, or not God’s word for you? Carol responds…. You know, […]

The word, the IRS, and a preacher man

Carol at Tribal Church and I have been blogging back and forth on some of the issues the Jeremiah Wright furor. Carol’s most recent question is: what are the theological implications of Wright’s words? Wow. Well let’s see. I could talk about black liberation theology, or prophetic witness, or hermeneutics of humility, or diversity and […]