Back in the good ole days

  Last week, I heard a fascinating show on NPR discussing journalistic ethics and the presidential campaign. You can probably guess the main topics discussed: the relative ignorance of the average voter, whether journalists should vote or contribute to campaigns, FOX news, that sort of thing. The conversation was fascinating to me, mainly because it […]

Reflection: "god is NOT great" by Christopher Hitchens

I’m a member of two book groups at the moment, both at my local independent bookstore, Little Shop of Stories. One of the groups, Guys Who Read just read, god is NOT great: How Religion Poisons Everything by Christopher Hitchens. I jumped at the opportunity to read and discuss the book in a non-churchy environment, and […]

The year of the butterfly

  In China this is the year of the rat. In Spain, this is the year of sporting triumphs. In my little world, this is the year of transitions. One year from now, our first new car will be ready for her birthday. One year from now, I may have graduated from seminary. One year […]

Hungry Minds

“Hungry Minds” a piece by Ian Frazier in the May edition The New Yorker was the best example of church history, homeless ministry description, and engaging writing I have ever come across.  Ok, well I haven’t come across anything like his piece before, but it’s brilliantly done. That said, Frazier angered me with the first […]

Pull that chord: A CD, a blog post, and a congregation

So I admit it. Sometimes I start composing posts about events before they happen. I mean I don’t actually report on something before it happens, but in anticipation I’ll frame an upcoming experience in terms of how to describe it on my blog. Last Sunday, I planned just such a post, but my actual experience […]

Series: What I learned about America by living in Scotland, Part II

Part II: Americans are conservative (for part I see: America is big. No, really, America is BIG!) A few months ago, Reubin Askew, former Democratic governor of Florida who also served in the Carter administration, was a guest on the BBC political show “Question Time.” After spending some time in the UK, Askew explained to […]

Back across the pond

I didn’t realize it a week ago, but I needed a vacation.  Ministry is hard, time-consuming, intense stuff and it takes your energy and you don’t even realize it. I’m a solid Myers-Briggs “introvert”–as are most pastors–so though I work with people all day long, I find it does zap my energy.  If I’ve been […]


Carol at Tribal Church and I are having a conversation about the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright. Most recently, I asked Carol: How do you approach a sermon with which you deeply disagree? If you don’t agree with it, does that mean it’s not God’s word, or not God’s word for you? Carol responds…. You know, […]

Church Without Walls National Gathering, a report to the CTS Community

Due to the generosity of a Columbia Seminary Student Coordinating Council scholarship, last weekend I attended a conference near Edinburgh, Scotland (the scholarship covered my expenses from Ayr, Scotland, not Decatur, GA:) ) As part of my application for the scholarship, I suggested the best way to share my experience with the Columbia community–seeing as […]