Starfish or Spider Church? Part I

Thanks to an idea from folks at Presbymergent, I’ll be putting up a series of posts this week on Brafman and Beckstrom’s The Spider and the Starfish: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations moving towards an assessment of the PC(USA) as a starfish or a spider.  Part 1 follows… Book Overview: A blurb on Starfish’s […]

Seminary Reflections, Presbyterian Bloggers Style

Posted this over at Presbyterian Bloggers….. As the semester draws to a close, final exams are written, and papers turned-in (or clicked-in, as is the case when one submits a paper online), I’m aware of the inherent beauty of the academic calendar.Work twelve weeks, HARD. Big push at the end for finals. Then, rest. Sabbath. […]

Covenant Network Conference Report

Thanks, in part, to a grant from Columbia Seminary’s Student Coordinating Council, I attended the Covenant Network of Presbyterians Conference last week in Minneapolis.  Yes, it did snow.  But it also rained compassion, justice, and hope for the church.  My report to the CTS community follows. What’s Cov Net? Covenant Network is the largest PC(USA) […]

Young Adult Liminality

Liminal space.  It’s a somewhat overused (at Columbia, least) and slightly annoying phrase that speaks to the space in between, the lush time/space/experience marking a transition.  Liminality: the threshold space between. The place between Nov 4 and Jan 20th. The place between accepting a job and one’s first day of work. The place of an […]

Why I'll never say, "You know, you learned that in Sunday School"

I’ve got some more substantial posts brewing in my head, but chapel week has taken over my life this week so they will have to wait till after Friday at 11:00 am. In fact, I’ll probably post about chapel week overall. Until then, a thought for the day. I was writing something recently — don’t […]

Energy Policy of Stupid

  This week’s non-debate debate about energy policy has been fascinating. Neither candidate–except Nader and Gore–really excites me about energy. Here’s why… I like high gas prices. I don’t want prices to come down, I want them to stay between $4-5 a gallon. Americans drove 3% less these last few months compared to last year, […]

Back in the good ole days

  Last week, I heard a fascinating show on NPR discussing journalistic ethics and the presidential campaign. You can probably guess the main topics discussed: the relative ignorance of the average voter, whether journalists should vote or contribute to campaigns, FOX news, that sort of thing. The conversation was fascinating to me, mainly because it […]

Reflection: "god is NOT great" by Christopher Hitchens

I’m a member of two book groups at the moment, both at my local independent bookstore, Little Shop of Stories. One of the groups, Guys Who Read just read, god is NOT great: How Religion Poisons Everything by Christopher Hitchens. I jumped at the opportunity to read and discuss the book in a non-churchy environment, and […]

The year of the butterfly

  In China this is the year of the rat. In Spain, this is the year of sporting triumphs. In my little world, this is the year of transitions. One year from now, our first new car will be ready for her birthday. One year from now, I may have graduated from seminary. One year […]