Full, Not Busy

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It turns out that December is a busy time for both pastors and professors. Pastors plan Advent services—often Sundays and Wednesdays—and, when Christmas Eve comes, the sermons pile up further. Professors have the end-of-semester duties of grading both final exams and final papers, plus there are more end-of-year deadlines than I care to count. When […]

5 Ways New Media Has Changed the Way I Think (and Write)


5) Lists get hits. Opine all you like about our short attention span and the decline of critical thinking, but there’s something about a top five or top ten list that entices people to read. So, I sometimes write posts with lists (like this one). But hey, it’s not just a new media thing: God […]

Election Day Communion & the Sacrament of Voting

Partisan politics separates us; Christ’s table unites us. Divisions into red and blue, voter blocs and turn-out machines cheapens us; the Lord’s Supper strengthens us. Yard signs, social media fights, and bumper stickers reduce us; in the bread and the wine Christ’s love is multiplied beyond our understanding.

Inspiration pinned: The rise of spiritual quotes on Pinterest

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Rather than demeaning the shallow nature of most spiritual/religious Pinterest quotes, faith leaders should take a gander and try to discern what is going on with users beneath their clicks, pins, and likes. In fact, we might even start a trend ourselves. Here’s a few of my own, ready to be made sharable and rendered in fancy font: “The Spirit moves in mysterious ways…even online.”

On Evangelizing Nones, Vagina-gate, & Christian Bullies

Last week, the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life released a study, “’Nones’ on the Rise: One-in-Five Adults Have No Religious Affiliation.” This week, two related articles caught my eye. Ready for some unsupported, but perhaps helpful, connecting the dots? Here we go. For the full Pew study go here, but the stats should […]