What? You don’t have a TV! (part 2)

[For previous installments of this series, see Part 1] When I’m traveling for work and staying in a hotel room, I’ll often turn on the TV set. Generally, I’ll watch live sports, ESPN highlights, or CNN. It’s sort of a treat. On vacation, however, I never watch TV. For me, TV watching is somehow antithetical […]

What? You don’t have a TV! (part 1)

Megan and I are part of the 1% — we don’t have a television. In fact, we haven’t for over five years (well, ten years, if roommates’ TVs don’t count). The decision to eschew a television was not one we pondered for long. It was not a measured countercultural stand against multinational corporations’ braincell-destroying dross […]

Occupy Wall Street & Christian Theology, a Conversation

Last night at Theology Pub we hosted a conversation consider the Occupy Wall Street movement and Christian theology. In truth, when I scheduled the topic, I was a bit nervous about how it would go. After all, the Christian church these days sometimes feels more like a corporate conglomerate than a fringe movement taking to […]

He says on SheSays: Forum’s new Women Section must go

My local newspaper, the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, recently launched a new section: “SheSays.” No, you have not just been transported back fifty years (after all, you’re reading this post on a blog and the section title — “SheSays” — is clearly modern because it lacks the space between the words. SoHip. IfOnly.) Judging from the […]

Can one protest corporations while wearing JCrew and using an iPhone?

  One of my more conservative friends posted this picture on his Facebook page recently, shared under the headline, “It’s funny, because it’s true.” I get it. Ironic, right? Maybe so. Yes, the captions make a point, but it’s not one I find compelling. In fact, it illustrates just how important the protests are, and […]

Social Media Blackout: This Time It’s Personal

I’m quitting social media. For a few days next week, that is. I think I might make it an annual occasion just like Harrisburg University. Readers might remember last year at this time when Harrisburg University of Science and Technology imposed a week-long ban on social media use on campus. Well, they’re at it again. […]

Young adults are amoral heathens, but what’s new?

This week’s Theology Pub, a gathering of 20/30-somethings The Project FM hosts at a local bar to talk about God and life, tackled the topic “Is my truth better than yours?” Though it came out a few days too late, David Brooks’ NY Times Op-Ed yesterday, “If it feels right” would have been great pre-reading. […]

Responding to Lillian Daniel’s “Spiritual but Not Religious” Column

On airplanes, I dread conversations too, just as Lillian Daniel wrote in a August 31, 2011 UCC devotional column that is making its merry way around Facebook. But that’s where my agreement ends. I understand Daniel’s piece was perhaps adapted from her long-form work on the subject, so I don’t want to be too harsh […]

The totally unromantic but wholly appropriate symbol for our marriage

I don’t often blog on personal relationship issues, but preparing to celebrate five years of marriage will make a guy reflective. Recently I’ve been pondering: this marriage thing is pretty spiffy, so how do I sum it up? And for some reason I’ve kept coming back to a central symbol in Megan’s and my relationship. […]