“Hannah, Delivered” a review

Hannah, Delivered is a fine new novel by Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew. Elizabeth and I met two summers ago at the Collegeville Institute, and re-met last spring at the Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College. When I received my copy, Elizabeth included a kind note that read, in part,“I’d love for Hannah to speak […]

Review: My Move from the iPad (Biggie) to iPad Mini

I’m writing this post because, a few weeks ago, I Googled for a similar one without avail. I hope it’s helpful for folks considering the move from an iPad biggie to iPad mini. Before the Switch Before I moved from the iPad (biggie, 2nd gen) to the iPad mini retina, I used my iPad every […]

Three Good Books

I finished off 2012 by reading three good novels (thank God for vacations) all of which I commend to you. Though I didn’t plan it, they all take up the theme of growing up, or maturing in some way, which seems most appropriate at the turn of the year. Richard Ford’s Canada (2012) tells the story […]

Review: “Enrique’s Journey” by Sonia Nazario

Looking for a harrowing stocking stuffer that adds complexity to the illegal immigration debate, highlights addiction and poverty, and might even cause nightmares? Yeah, probably not. But, Sonia Nazario’s Enrique’s Journey: The Story of a Boy’s Dangerous Odyssey to Reunite with his Mother (Random House, 2006) is a fine book worth reading. About ten years ago, […]

Renew 52: 50+ Ideas to Revitalize Your Congregation from Leaders under 50, Edited by David Lose

Want a great e-book? Free? Full of creative new ideas for your church? Well have I got a deal for you! Renew 52: 50+ Ideas to Revitalize Your Congregation from Leaders under 50 is a free e-book, edited by David J. Lose, that features short essays from 54 Christian leaders in 15 different traditions. The […]

Eboo Patel at Concordia College: “Sacred Ground: Pluralism, Prejudice, and the Promise of America”

Dr. Eboo Patel, founder of Interfaith Youth Core, member of the President’s religious advisory council, and interfaith movement rock star, visited Concordia College’s campus this week. He was splendid. Speaking at Convocation, giving a public lecture, and appearing at a full day’s worth of conversations, Patel set a tone for our year of interfaith cooperation, […]

Review: Keeping the Faith in Seminary, Ellie Roscher ed.

I know of plenty books that tell you how to get into medical school, how to study for the LSAT, or how to thrive in business school, but books on seminary education are pretty rare indeed. Keeping the Faith in Seminary not only fills a gap in for anyone interested in what seminary is like […]

“Click 2 Save: The Digital Ministry Bible,” A Review

Though doing so makes me a bit bashful as I’m featured in it, I would like to review Click 2 Save: The Digital Ministry Bible by Elizabeth Drescher and Keith Anderson (both Twitter and Facebook friends whom I’ve never met in real life. Yet.) In short: it’s a darn good book. Unless you have a […]

Review: David Morgan’s, “The Sacred Gaze”

This post is part of my Independent Study in Religious Communication and Digital Life at the University of North Dakota. See a description of the course here, a review other books here, here, here, and here. Interdisciplinary study is at the heart of digital religion studies. David Morgan’s book, The Sacred Gaze: Religious Visual Culture […]