Sabbath 2.0

Originally posted at Gathering Voices: Faith Conversations from My family once rented a cottage on the isle of Skye off the west coast of Scotland. While I remember little about the cottage itself (other than the view of sheep out the front window), I do clearly recall instructions in the guestbook: “do not hang out […]

Shifting Culture: Laws against texting while driving

no cells

This week, the Grand Forks City Council passed a law that makes it illegal to send text messages while driving. I’m glad the ordinance passed — and it certainly took them a while. For some time now, in the state of Minnesota, it’s been illegal to text and drive. I hope such laws mark not […]

Denying My Roots, it's Easier that way


I’m in the Twin Cities (or, for locals, just “the cities”) this weekend for a friend’s ordination. I’m still reflecting, though, on last week’s Celtic Christianity conference in Decatur. One curious thing struck me; I just can’t seem to shake. My mother is Scottish. My Dad’s relatives, back a few generations, are Scotch-Irish. I’m a […]

“All the Best”


Today marks my last day as Assistant Minister of Ayr: St. Columba Church of Scotland.  It’s been a really valuable year in terms of pastoral development, ecclessiastical enlightenment, and general significant ministry experience.   I may put up pictures of my celebration lunch today later, but here’s a few snaps of several generous and beautiful […]