Writing Theologically: Writing Digitally

A few weeks ago I received a fun surprise package in the mail: Writing Theologically, edited by my friend and future colleague at Luther Seminary, Eric D. Barreto. Along with the books Reading Theologically, and Thinking Theologically, which came out a few months earlier, Writing Theologically serves as a foundation for learning for those considering or […]

The Future of Theological Education

How does graduate theological education need to change? Why is bi-vocational a dirty word? What does the wise Robert Saler have to say about it?

Stewardship with Adults Under 40

People of faith must ask the question: “How is God calling us to be stewards of social media?” Consider this, and other contemporary questions concerning stewardship with adults under 40 at Luther Seminary’s stewardship leaders conference July 29-31 in St. Paul.

Is Seminary for Slackers?

In a recent private forum I heard, “Graduate theological education should be reserved for the very best. Seminaries, on the other hand, should have room for everyone.” Is that true?

Review: Keeping the Faith in Seminary, Ellie Roscher ed.

I know of plenty books that tell you how to get into medical school, how to study for the LSAT, or how to thrive in business school, but books on seminary education are pretty rare indeed. Keeping the Faith in Seminary not only fills a gap in for anyone interested in what seminary is like […]

Ready. Set. Speak! & Relax

It was late and one chair sat empty when I got an uneasy feeling in my stomach. Looking at the panelists seated up front, I knew the speaker from the Jewish tradition, the Islamist, and the Buddhist were present. By process of elimination, I figured the other two occupying their chairs were the Hindu and […]

Social Media & the Church Conference

Just wanted folks to know that my alma mater, Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Ga. is hosting a conference this summer entitled, “Social Networking Media in Congregations: Possibilities & Practicalities.”  Here’s the info.  After a brief glimpse, it looks worth checking-out for sure.  I’m glad to see Columbia’s new president, Steve Hayner, is giving a […]

"It's All Sermon Prep to Me"

When I was in high school and chatting with a teacher about our churches, he said “I don’t think I could ever respect a pastor who didn’t know Greek and Hebrew.” That statement stuck with me. Heck, it probably kept me going through some rather challenging times in both my Greek and Hebrew courses. For […]

What use is a M.Div. ?

As my friend Brian put it, I’m now a “seminarian*” — the asterisk means I’ve completed all my courses but not yet graduated. Commencement is next Saturday, May 16. So as I look at it, I have about a week to reflect on this whole Master of Divinity thing before I get the paper that […]