Ten Transitional Tidbits

The last few weeks have been a bit intense with a delightful vacation to visit family in Alaska, and a much less delightful placing of all my earthly belongings into boxes and then taking them out again a few days later. But, finally, Megan and I feel somewhat settled in Minneapolis. I start my new […]

Christmas Week Hodgepodge

The blog has been a bit quieter than I prefer these past weeks, so here’s a hodgepodge post catching up on some recent thoughts and goings-on. For some work at NDSU, I read Christian Smith and Hilary Davidson’s new book, The Paradox of Generosity: Giving We Receiving, Grasping We Lose. Some may recall Smith’s work in […]

Think This, Do This, Read This

This is a hodgepodge post about thinking, doing, and reading. First, the thinking regarding the blog’s Fargo media debut last week. I Think This… The reaction to my “I’m #AmbivalentAboutFargo and You Should Be Too” post went beyond anything I envisioned. Not only did the post receive over 600 Facebook shares (most of them well […]

Eat Your Heart Out, Congressman! After the Food Stamp Vote, 10 Scripture Verses for Rep. Cramer

This weekend my elected representative, Congressman Kevin Cramer (R-ND) responded to a constituent who questioned Rep. Cramer’s vote cutting our nation’s food stamp program by $40 billion with the Bible verse: “If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.” Since Rep. Cramer appreciates quotes taken from the Bible without any concern for context, I’ve made him a handy list. Warning: don’t read on an empty stomach!

What Makes a Great Coffee Shop?

I spend a lot of time in coffee shops. I go to coffee shops to read and write. For work, I regularly meet students and colleagues in coffee shops. I even got engaged in a coffee shop. I’m a coffee shop connoisseur, a java junkie, a free wireless wonk. Here, then, are my top coffee shop quality indicators.

Friday Roundup: A Top Ten List

This post consists of small ideas, trifling opinions,  and middling proposals. In other words, it’s great! And, of course, it’s in 10. Want a cool somewhat churchy job, a large component of which will be focused on facilitating communications (web content management, social media, etc.) re young adults? You should apply to be the Assistant […]

Top of the Mind Thursday

I’m a bit busy these days — recently back from vacation, getting the keys for a new apartment today, and headed out of the country on Saturday. I don’t want to totally neglect my blog, though, so here are a few things on my mind at the moment. Are you friends with the Journal for […]

For Millennials Are iPhones the New Ford Pickups?

Reflecting on a recent article in The Atlantic, “The Cheapest Generation” by Derek Thompson and Jordan Weissmann, I ponder the Millennial Generation’s move away from owning cars and towards buying tech gadgets such as iPhones. Does owning a car instill certain positive traits that you can’t Google on a smartphone?

First Student, then Pastor, now Faculty…Still Blogging

As I transition, in just over a week, to joining Concordia College’s religion faculty where I will launch and direct the religion major concentration for faith and leadership, I commit to maintaining an active online presence that includes regular blogging. Yes, OK, this is not quite a news flash. No PR firm needed. Call off […]