Words of Praise, Part 1: J Crew

For a few days, I’ll be putting up posts to give some much deserved shout-outs. The first is a big shout out to J Crew. Yes, J Crew. I don’t think of myself as much of a corporate guy — with the notable exceptions of REI and Patagonia and sort of Starbucks — but J […]

The Travel Insurance Rip-off

Travel insurance is a rip-off, a swindle, a shakedown. Do not buy it. At least the type you buy online at the end of purchasing a flight either through Delta.com or another website. It’s worthless insurance — unassuming you don’t lose a limb on the way to the airport or need your body repatriated. I […]

We three rings of Google are, bearing phones news travels a far

Forgive some jumping from topic to topic in this post, but it’s how my mind is working at the moment. It starts with the Google Phone, moves to Nicolas Kristof, and ends with Christmas. Here goes nothing. Ok, so if you’ve seen the tech blogs, no scratch that, if you’ve seen any news lately you […]

From there to here

It’s been quiet on the blog front recently, but there’s been plenty of action otherwise. So I graduated last Saturday. That was sort of a big deal, I guess. It was a fun weekend. Appropriately celebratory and the like. The day after graduation we packed our stuff into a storage unit. The day after that […]

Some Saturday Sundries

The blog has been a bit quiet lately, for many reasons. First, I suppose, is this little thing called school which continues to go well but certainly keeps me busy. A close second, however, is the amount of time it takes to find a job/call. Friends in last year’s senior class warned me about how […]

Reading Week Happy Hour!

“Reading Week” at Columbia Seminary can be roughly translated to, “a teaser of a week during which you’ll have even more work than usual.” My final reading week at Columbia was exactly that — with the added teaser of some really beautiful spring weather outside. That said, in my giddiness of slaying Carlos’ multiple-choice beast, […]

How to Suit a Lanky Student?

image by shortshrifted Where does Waldo get his suits? Or Uncle Sam? Or Abe Lincoln impersonators? I ask, because, buying suits for real tall skinny guys is darn hard, especially if said guy has a small slim wallet. My quest for a good-fitting suit (is it really “well-fitting”??) began more than a year ago, before […]

On Question Asking, Job Interviews, and Raised Inflections, You Know?

Do you like asking questions? I wonder if you like asking questions more or less than me? What sorts of questions do you like to ask? Do you have particular questions you like asking at job interviews, or when you meet new people, or when the conversation lags? A recent success of mine was: if […]

Too Taxing to be Accurate?

Scott Simon, in his essay “A Simpler Tax Code” last week on NPR put it well:  “the U.S. tax code is 67,204 pages long — about as long as 112 copies of James Joyce’s Ulysses. And just about as comprehensible.” I’ve spoken to several of my brightest friends. These folks hold masters degrees, preach inspiring […]