Holiday to Skye

The Scottish word “holiday” means what Americans think of as “vacation.” Well, have your pick, but we’re taking one for four days to the Isle of Skye with my cousins. The trip should be pretty great for many reasons. First, it will be the first time all six cousins and significant others have gathered together–sorry, […]

Lovely Luxuries

I’m swamped this week so there may be a temporary lull in blogging. In related news, Megan is finally back in Scotland after a month in the states and days of waiting for the British Consulate in New York to get its act together and issue her a visa. She’s now officially not a terrorist, […]

Buying a car

They should sell cars like computers. When I bought my Mac, I couldn’t quite decide between two models.  I didn’t want a 14-inch screen, but I did want the larger memory that came the 14-incher.  So what did I do?  I upgraded my 12-inch iBook with some more memory, a faster processor, and a software […]

You're kidding me

I’ve purchased broken eggs, stained shirts, and books missing pages, but these may take the cake.  Not only did I not notice, I bought two packs. Iamanidiot

123 Book Meme

I’m suspicious of memes, but Jim tagged me so I figure I’ll reciprocate this time. Let me say now, however, that I’m reserving the right not to participate in future memes–call me boring. Here it goes. (1) Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more. No cheating! (2) Turn to page 123. (3) […]

Colin's Chutney

You know what I’m talking about.   Those fantastic people with quiet countenances who are never fully appreciated.  They do so much good in the world, but they’re taken for granted.  Forgotten.  Skipped over when praise is given, and they never say a word about it. Well, I’m putting my foot down, drawing the line, […]

The "Stretch Your Legs Trail"

Are you kidding me? So on the way back from Louisiana, my family stopped at a rest stop in west Florida, a rest stop inundated with these large signs every few yards. Where to start?  Yes, “Stretch Your Legs Trail” is quite possibly the worst name for any trail in the history of the world.  […]

It's ok to be boring

Lucas was wrong. Or at least, that’s how I remember it. I’m vaguely recalling a debate in a college English course after reading Dave Egger’s “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.” In the discussion, I mostly praised the book, in large part out of admiration of Egger’s amazingly interesting life. Then I said, “Nobody would […]

Party at Our Place

One of the many benefits of being at Assistant Minister in Scotland over Christmas is the many wonderful gifts. In Cumnock, as Noah shows here, whiskey is a popular Christmas item. Megan and I ended up without a drop of whiskey, but did receive several tasty bottles of wine. And one or two chocolates…. I […]