The Word Made Pixel: On Bible Apps

How does a Bible app change the way we encounter the Bible? Does it affect one’s theology of scripture? Does a Bible app actually change what Christians do in worship?  A few experiences in class and leading chapel this week at Concordia have wondering. In an article, “The App of God” in the July 2013 […]

For Real? Planning to Hold a College Religion Class as a Live Twitter Chat

Is it crazy to hold a college class on Twitter? Perhaps. But we’re going to give it a try. Here’s how…

Review: My Move from the iPad (Biggie) to iPad Mini

I’m writing this post because, a few weeks ago, I Googled for a similar one without avail. I hope it’s helpful for folks considering the move from an iPad biggie to iPad mini. Before the Switch Before I moved from the iPad (biggie, 2nd gen) to the iPad mini retina, I used my iPad every […]

Ready or Not, Spring Semester Has Come

The semester has begun again and, ready or not, I’m in for a full one. Before I’m too swamped, here’s a few quick highlights of the last 10 days and expectations for the semester ahead. College Conference at Montreat Along with my dear friend Taylor Lewis Guthrie Hartman, I served as Co-Director of the College […]

7 Reasons We Love Lists with 7 Reasons

I’m not a huge fan of the “7 Strategies for Success,” “5 Unsupported Claims,” “10 Top Cat Videos” type of article, but I click on them all the time. Heck, sure, I write them from time to time too. What’s up with the lists?

Smart Online Commentary on Religion and Culture

I’m always looking for smart, religion and culture commentary on the Internet. I’m sure there’s more, but here’s a list of some great religion and culture sites that get my eye time each week.

5 Reasons Why I Pray that Bishop Eaton Joins Twitter

A few days ago, at an elaborate worship service in Chicago, the Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton was installed as the Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. She is not on Twitter. That fact—that the new ELCA Presiding Bishop does not tweet—may strike most people as inconsequential (or even a blessing), but during […]

Ten Thursday Tidbits

It’s time for a bulleted, random post. I won’t even stoop to a top ten list! (Where are my Internet skillz?) Here goes some tidbits for the week…

What’s Your Facebook Profile Religious View? Why?

When asked, my students articulated clear, considered reasons for their religious views on their Facebook profile. What does this say about new media and religion today?