New Media Project: “Twitter mob attacks religious studies professor”

It’s an honor to write a few posts for the New Media Project. If you don’t know their research and case studies on church life and new media, check it out today. Today’s post is entitled, “Twitter mob attacks religious studies professor” I’ve posted an excerpt below: Twitter mob attacks religious studies professor Adam Copeland, guest […]

Missional Church & Global Media Cultures Conference at Luther Seminary, Nov 9-10

Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota is hosting what should be a pretty sweet conference November 9-10, 2012. I’m looking forward to attending. You should too. It’s officially the 8th Annual Missional Church Consultation, and this year’s topic On the Road to Emmaus: The Missional Church and Global Media Cultures. Several stellar leaders in media, […]

For Millennials Are iPhones the New Ford Pickups?

Reflecting on a recent article in The Atlantic, “The Cheapest Generation” by Derek Thompson and Jordan Weissmann, I ponder the Millennial Generation’s move away from owning cars and towards buying tech gadgets such as iPhones. Does owning a car instill certain positive traits that you can’t Google on a smartphone?

In praise of Fargo, new media, love & equality

Here’s a heartwarming story of collective action, love, and social media savvy, all set in my lovely Fargo/Moorhead. Call it David vs. Goliath. Call it new media vs. old media. Call it young adults vs. not so young anymore. Whatever the name, it’s a good story. On Monday, the Fargo Forum newspaper opted to reject […]

On Apple Stores & Congregational Welcome

Apple is not God, but the company pretty darn good at creation (design), evangelism (marketing), and worship (sales). Author Carmine Gallo who devoted a year to researching the Apple store experience writes that, by design, all laptop screens in the stores are tilted to 70 degrees. Why? So customers have to adjust them. The angle […]

“Click 2 Save: The Digital Ministry Bible,” A Review

Though doing so makes me a bit bashful as I’m featured in it, I would like to review Click 2 Save: The Digital Ministry Bible by Elizabeth Drescher and Keith Anderson (both Twitter and Facebook friends whom I’ve never met in real life. Yet.) In short: it’s a darn good book. Unless you have a […]

Ready. Set. Speak! & Relax

It was late and one chair sat empty when I got an uneasy feeling in my stomach. Looking at the panelists seated up front, I knew the speaker from the Jewish tradition, the Islamist, and the Buddhist were present. By process of elimination, I figured the other two occupying their chairs were the Hindu and […]

Mark Vitalis Hoffman on technology and the body of Christ

My day has arrived to be featured on the Religion and Media Blog Tour 2012 with Professor Mark Vitalis Hoffman (website, blog), Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. (More information and a listing of all the tour stops here.) In August, LTSG, in partnership with Luther Seminary, will launch of […]

Pastors on Facebook…twice?!

Over the past few weeks I’ve interviewed 11 pastors (well, that includes a few “church leaders” who aren’t technically “pastors”) for a paper I’m writing on pastors who use multiple Facebook accounts — one account for professional purposes and another (often more hidden account) for personal purposes. I’m still compiling my research and making it […]