A few good plugs

I’m happy to announce three cool things on A Wee Blether today. Yes. Count them: one, two, three! The Presbyterian Outlook, an independent magazine reporting on issues of interest to the PC(USA), is looking for two new part-time employees. And yes, you can even work from the comfort of your own home! I know I’m […]

Perspective is Hard to Tweet

I’m a pretty big advocate of social media. At least, I often advocate people of faith use social media in positive ways because it’s a very powerful tool for community and connections. But, when I speak or write on social media, I always do so with a caveat: social media will not save us. Social […]

A Twitter Theology

A Twitter skeptic and a Twitter user (the former of whom we’ll call “Skeptic,” the latter a “Tweep” ) sit drinking delicious locally-brewed adult beverages. The Skeptic asks the Tweep, “I think Twitter is a bunch of hooey. You’re on Twitter all the time, explain to me why I shouldn’t write it off as completely […]

Three awesome tech tools that changed my life

Prezi — I recently learned about a newish presentation web-based program called Prezi.  Move over PowerPoint–Prezi will soon be king.  Well, not likely, but it’s awesome.  Posted below is an example for a presentation I’m giving today on Technology and the Church for a group of Lutheran pastors in the area.  It’s my first using […]

Flying the not-so-friendly skies

I’ve tried, recently, to take a step back from the scanner/search/radiation/TSA thing and reflect a bit less reactively.  My daily NY Times email Friday led me to this quote: “If it’s going to keep me and others safe, I’m all for it. I’m 50; I’m proud of what I’ve got.” THE REV. GEORGE OBERLE, a Lutheran […]

The Public Isolation Project

Art these days. There’s the urine on display at MoMA, and naked models covered in meat. But my buddy Adam alerted me to a project from Oregon that involves trapping a young woman named Cristin Norine in a glass room room for 30 days. For the entire month of November, Nordine will have no human […]

On not obacerating myself

Whew, my stint at a regular blogger for the CENTURY Blog has come to a (regularly scheduled) end. It was lovely, but by the final days of the two+ month partnership I did feel my blethering had become too churchy and pastor-focused. Come January, I’ll begin a different but related stint with another great organization […]

On the blissful insanity of reading for two hours every day

In a recent Presbyterian Outlook guest editorial, pastor Roy W. Howard argues that pastors should read books for two hours each day. Howard, a friend of mine and former student of Fred Craddock, received such advice in seminary. Craddock told his students, often to their amazement writes Howard, that as “pastors they must set aside […]

Where are the church social media policies?

also posted at the CENTURY Blog The church is not known for responding quickly to cultural change. But really: almost seven years after Facebook launched, with thousands of pastors using Twitter, and NPR running stories on how Facebook and texting may break up marriages, I figured many churches, regional bodies and even denominations would have developed […]