Anti-bullying — there’s an app for that

also found at CENTURY Blog Could an iPhone app help address teen bullying? Could a website connect abused children to help? MTV and its A Thin Line campaign think so. Among other things, the campaign asks youth to share their experiences via the app or on the site, and then other users vote as to whether anyone […]

More than a movie about Facebook

(also posted at CENTURY Blog) Rarely do I see a film when it first comes out, but I’m very glad I chose to see The Social Network on its box-office-dominating opening weekend. It was brilliant — a fantastic script by Aaron Sorkin, skillfully directed by David Fincher. It tells the story of Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse […]

Facebook rules for pastors

Also posted at the CENTURY Blog “Should I post or should I not?” I ask myself this when I’m thinking of posting a particularly snarky religion-related Facebook status update that would entertain my old seminary friends, go over my high school friends’ heads and unsettle some members of my congregation. I use Facebook daily in […]

Social media blackout

(Also posted at the CENTURY Blog.  To get some discussion going over there, I’ve disabled comments on this post and invite you to comment at the new Christian Century website.) Last week, students at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in Pennsylvania gave up instant messaging, Facebook and Twitter—not by choice but by Provost Eric […]

Stories from the ELCA

(Also posted on the CENTURY Blog) On the drive home yesterday I heard a beautiful piece from Minnesota Public Radio, reported by Sasha Aslanian with context, depth and emotion. She told the story of Ruth Frost and Phyllis Zillhart, partnered lesbians who will be added to the ELCA roster of ordained clergy after a “rite of […]

Meme: My Faith, My Tattoo

Screen shot 2010-09-26 at 2.59.41 PM

In a few sentences, respond to the questions below — respond on your blog, on this blog, on Facebook, wherever. When you’re done, share, tag a few friends, and pass on the questions. If you post this somewhere else, keep the title, “Meme: My faith, my tattoo” for easy searching. For background on what the heck a “meme” is, see this article.

1. Describe your tattoo(s):

Shifting Culture: Laws against texting while driving

This week, the Grand Forks City Council passed a law that makes it illegal to send text messages while driving. I’m glad the ordinance passed — and it certainly took them a while. For some time now, in the state of Minnesota, it’s been illegal to text and drive. I hope such laws mark not […]

In Defense of Twitter

Let’s call it “Twitterphobia.”  Several times a week, in my usual perusal of weekly magazines, op-ed pieces, and current event commentary I run into a well-respected and well-researched writer bemoaning Twitter. “Twitter is dumbing down our teenagers,” they say. “Twitter is besieging our English majors.” “Twitter is poisoning our minds and starving us of the few intellectual […]

What? My phone has an off button!

I’m not a huge multi-tasker, but my skills for doing one thing at a time are slipping fast. Though I don’t tend to talk on the phone, chat online, listen to the radio, etc. at one time — mostly because I’m just not very good at it — I find my attention span shortening. I […]