What? You don’t have a TV! (part 3)

[For previous installments of this series, see Part 1, and Part 2] The amount of time Americans spend watching TV has gone up in recent years. Studies differ, but it’s usually estimated we watch on average nearly three hours of TV a day. Since I don’t have a TV, what do I do with my time? […]

What? You don’t have a TV! (part 2)

[For previous installments of this series, see Part 1] When I’m traveling for work and staying in a hotel room, I’ll often turn on the TV set. Generally, I’ll watch live sports, ESPN highlights, or CNN. It’s sort of a treat. On vacation, however, I never watch TV. For me, TV watching is somehow antithetical […]

What? You don’t have a TV! (part 1)

Megan and I are part of the 1% — we don’t have a television. In fact, we haven’t for over five years (well, ten years, if roommates’ TVs don’t count). The decision to eschew a television was not one we pondered for long. It was not a measured countercultural stand against multinational corporations’ braincell-destroying dross […]

Word of Praise, Part Two: The Wire

The Wire is the best television show ever made. After nine months of Netflix, iTunes, and other methods, I have finally watched all five seasons. Every single episode was well done — like it’s own mini movie — but they tied together from episode one straight through to the end. I don’t watch much TV, […]

Media Culture Moment

In the old world, way back when I was a kid, TV networks made the content that drove our lives. In some ways that’s still the case, but with web 2.0 (or 3.0 or whatever) more and more often billionaires are beaten by the little guy. With YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Twitter, a simple clip […]

ER Theology: a chaplain and post-modern counseling

I used to be a huge ER fan, but stopped watching religiously when I didn’t have a TV in college. So I’m out of the ER loop, but have picked up that they now seem to have a regular chaplain character. I saw a full show a few weeks ago in which she led some […]

Cranford concludes

The last time I grieved the end of a TV show was in 1993 when “My So-Called Life” aired its final episode (wow, that makes me feel old). Fourteen years later, I’m grieving again, but this time for a very different sort of show. “Cranford” is a five-part BBC period drama with all-star cast, impeccable […]