500 Lifetimes of Books & the Screwmeneutical Imperative

If you went to the Library of Congress and read a book every day from birth to death, it’d take you 500 lifetimes to finish. What to do? Enter: the “Screwmeneutical Imperative.”

I’m #AmbivalentAboutFargo & You Should Be Too

ambivalent, adj. having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone I’m ambivalent about Fargo and I believe you should be too. I’m writing this post in response to a common theme in media coverage of Fargo. The typical Fargo story goes something like this: OMG, look what I, intrepid reporter, just discovered: Fargo […]

Networked Individualism and Belonging to God

How does a new book on “networked individualism” call the church to reconsider our notions of belonging, particularly our practice of belonging to discrete local congregations?

Culture Watch: Marrying Young, Marrying Smart

The Internet has been abuzz this week with several pieces on marriage, young adulthood, and culture. These things are hard to track, but it all started (maybe) when Susan Patton published a letter in The Daily Princetonian titled, “Advice for the young women of Princeton: the daughters I never had.” Agree or disagree with her, Patton’s piece has proved to have major legs. So Christians, so pastors, what’s our wise, faithful, hopeful response?

The HRC Red Equals Sign: Share & Tell

When it comes to politics and faith, Facebook better allows for simple sharing than complex reasoning. If support of marriage equality is important to you, have a real live face-to-face conversation about it with someone of a different viewpoint.

IS: Religious Communication and Digital Life

Since I have so much time on my hands, I’m taking an Independent Study this semester: Religious Communication & Digital Life. This will count as credit towards a MA in Communication at the Univ. of North Dakota, but mainly help deepen my understanding of the field of religious comm, particularly as it concerns cyberculture studies, […]

Bookstore Confession

I bought a book, then 5 minutes later found an identical cheaper one online using my smartphone, so I returned it. Was this wrong? I recently found myself at Barnes and Noble with quite the conundrum. The parking lot was crazy busy. The Nook booths up front were heaving with rabid present-seekers. The coffee shop […]

What? You don’t have a TV! (part 3)

[For previous installments of this series, see Part 1, and Part 2] The amount of time Americans spend watching TV has gone up in recent years. Studies differ, but it’s usually estimated we watch on average nearly three hours of TV a day. Since I don’t have a TV, what do I do with my time? […]

A few good plugs

I’m happy to announce three cool things on A Wee Blether today. Yes. Count them: one, two, three! The Presbyterian Outlook, an independent magazine reporting on issues of interest to the PC(USA), is looking for two new part-time employees. And yes, you can even work from the comfort of your own home! I know I’m […]