IS: Religious Communication and Digital Life


Since I have so much time on my hands, I’m taking an Independent Study this semester: Religious Communication & Digital Life. This will count as credit towards a MA in Communication at the Univ. of North Dakota, but mainly help deepen my understanding of the field of religious comm, particularly as it concerns cyberculture studies, […]

Bookstore Confession

I bought a book, then 5 minutes later found an identical cheaper one online using my smartphone, so I returned it. Was this wrong? I recently found myself at Barnes and Noble with quite the conundrum. The parking lot was crazy busy. The Nook booths up front were heaving with rabid present-seekers. The coffee shop […]

What? You don’t have a TV! (part 3)

[For previous installments of this series, see Part 1, and Part 2] The amount of time Americans spend watching TV has gone up in recent years. Studies differ, but it’s usually estimated we watch on average nearly three hours of TV a day. Since I don’t have a TV, what do I do with my time? […]

A few good plugs

I’m happy to announce three cool things on A Wee Blether today. Yes. Count them: one, two, three! The Presbyterian Outlook, an independent magazine reporting on issues of interest to the PC(USA), is looking for two new part-time employees. And yes, you can even work from the comfort of your own home! I know I’m […]

Three awesome tech tools that changed my life

Prezi — I recently learned about a newish presentation web-based program called Prezi.  Move over PowerPoint–Prezi will soon be king.  Well, not likely, but it’s awesome.  Posted below is an example for a presentation I’m giving today on Technology and the Church for a group of Lutheran pastors in the area.  It’s my first using […]