Student writing gone public: blogging the classroom

In my Word to the Wise: Writing for Religious and Social Change course, students engage in two main types of writing assignments. First there’s Digital Writing Assignments, all of which they post on their personal blogs. Options include, for example: Write a post reflecting on a time you changed your mind. Record and post a video […]

Learning Together, Planned and Unplanned

Among other things, at the beginning of a new semester considering the freedom allowed by face-to-face courses heavy on discussion versus the possibilities and limitations of online learning.


The next post in my creativity blog series — in which I interview particularly creative folks who impress me, and should probably impress you — features Libby Shannon. I’ve known Libby for almost ten years, but since we’re both Presbyterians from Florida, I feel an even deeper bond. Plus, she loves a good protest.

Sundry Summer Celebrations

I’m not sure what constitutes the official “end of summer” these days, but I think it’s here for me. Faculty workshops have replaced writing time. Syllabus prep has replaced reading time. New, longer lists of to-dos have replaced my unfinished lists of summer projects. Ready or not, it’s back to school…

Flaws & All, Let’s Have More Like Reza Aslan’s “Zealot”

The book is a basically a mixture of rehashed historical Jesus work and quite good creative non-fiction. In short, it works pretty well as a relatively gripping overview of Jesus’ life. It has flaws, but I’m willing to forgive Aslan’s foibles. I’m so hungry for smart public discussion of religion, perfection is the furthest thing from my mind.

A few publications to plug shamelessly

The last few weeks have been a quieter time for the blog, unfortunately, but at least I can report on a few dead tree publications that have come out in the last few weeks. Here’s the details…

Adjusting to Summer, Professor Style

This is my first summer “off” as a professor. So far I’ve learned: it’s definitely not “off.”

Big News! I’m editing a book on faith & college

Here’s some pretty fun news to share: I’m editing a book on wrestling with faith and college! Yes…a real book, full of young adults’ stories, edited by me, and published by the Alban Institute. I’d love your help in getting the word out that I’m accepted essays. Please share this post with your young-reflective-writer-type-friends-and-relations, or better yet, share this page describing the Call for Submissions.

5 Ways New Media Has Changed the Way I Think (and Write)

5) Lists get hits. Opine all you like about our short attention span and the decline of critical thinking, but there’s something about a top five or top ten list that entices people to read. So, I sometimes write posts with lists (like this one). But hey, it’s not just a new media thing: God […]