No Need for Church | The Christian Century

An essay of mine, “No Need for Church: Ministry with young adults in flux” is published in the Feb 8, 2012 edition of The Christian Century. A teaser is posted below, which is also available to all readers on the Century website. To read it in full, find a dead tree edition, or subscribe and […]


Debating Religion & the Presidency

At last week’s Republican Presidential Debate hosted by CNN in Jacksonville, Florida, a wonderful question was asked of the candidates: if elected, how would their religious beliefs affect their decisions as president.

I don’t mean to Monday morning quarterback — actually, yes I do, because this question is the sort of thing I think about a lot (from the discipleship angle, not the presidential one). So, with the benefit of plenty of time to think, I thought I’d take a stab at my own response.


Sex on campus, the campaign trail, & in the classroom

Megan and I recently gave away four boxes of books and sold two others to secondhand book dealers. Taking old beloved books off our shelves was a painstaking process. Most of the books we ended up giving away were from college and seminary (if you were wondering: science books resell for a whole lot more […]


Review: “On Our Way” edited by Dorothy Bass & Susan Briehl

The new book, On Our Way: Christian Practices for Living a Whole Life sums up my best hopes for how young adults might live well in today’s world. Because of that, I found the book both delightful and tragic at the same time since it calls us to think deeply about how we are living […]


Secular Sabbath vs. Christian Traditions

Do the recent secular sabbath essays of Iyer and Roiphe mark a cultural shift in which today’s main advocates of “sabbath” consider it from a spiritual and decidedly not religious perspective?


IS: Religious Communication and Digital Life

Since I have so much time on my hands, I’m taking an Independent Study this semester: Religious Communication & Digital Life. This will count as credit towards a MA in Communication at the Univ. of North Dakota, but mainly help deepen my understanding of the field of religious comm, particularly as it concerns cyberculture studies, […]


Advice for the new blogger in 2012

They say, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Well, that may be true, but I recently set up a WordPress blog for my dad. (For background, my father is the longtime pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Tallahassee.) So I thought I’d write a few intro blogging tips and treats for my old […]


Smartphones, Smart Pastor, Smart Church

Next time you see a group of young adults dining together at a restaurant, take a closer look at the table. Nine times out of ten, you’ll be able to glimpse at least one cell phone resting on the tablecloth or, just as likely, in someone’s hand. In many cases, multiple phones will dot the table as if they were part of the place settings. One might deduce that young people today have a medical condition causing indigestion unless they eat with their phones near at hand. Come to think of it, that’s dangerously close to the truth.

The dining scene hints at the fact that many youth and young adults today have a relationship with technology and social media that is core to their formation….

Here’s a list of five common phenomena among young people, and how the church might incorporate them into its worship, preaching, and communal life:


Adam, Have Your Say: My Brush with the BBC

Blogging has opened many doors for me over the years. That’s not the reason I blog (see “Why I Blog”), but it’s a fun perk. Last week brought a special highlight. I received an email from a reporter at the BBC radio show, “World Have Your Say.” In light of Christopher Hitchens’ death, they were […]