What’s the Point of a Pastor? | Bearings

An essay of mine went up yesterday at the BTS Center’s Bearings blog. In it I wonder, “What’s the point of a pastor?” and end up in an uncomfortable place. Conversation partners include an Emory English professor, Will Willimon, Craig Barnes, Rachel Held Evans, and Jesus. Check it out by clicking here, or on the image below.

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Crowdfunding the Church | Christian Century

So this is cool. Real cool. Like, so very cool: I wrote the cover story for the current issue of The Christian Century magazine! Ahhhhhhh! Honestly, I’m still in a bit of shock from when I saw it for the first time (illustrated splendidly by James Yang). I didn’t know it was in the works — well, I knew […]


Writing Theologically: Writing Digitally

A few weeks ago I received a fun surprise package in the mail: Writing Theologically, edited by my friend and future colleague at Luther Seminary, Eric D. Barreto. Along with the books Reading Theologically, and Thinking Theologically, which came out a few months earlier, Writing Theologically serves as a foundation for learning for those considering or […]


Exam Week Hodgepodge

I was hanging out with some colleague friends last week when I mentioned the NDSU field education credits I was working towards this semester. Part of my progress towards that work is blogging my reflections teaching Word for the Wise: Writing for Religious & Social Change this semester at Concordia. Immediately, you could see the light […]


Teaching Matters: Down with Learning Objectives

Ever since I started teaching I’ve always had a skeptical view of the very foundation of most college courses: learning objectives. Now I know why. I hope to teach in a way that what sticks is what truly matters


My Classroom is Not a Safe Space

Usually, it’s a man who says it. He wants conversation to go deeper. He’s hoping for more self-disclosure. With the best of intentions, he wants to move past the mundane. He desires this time to be different. So he says, “Go ahead. Share. This is a safe space.” Except, no it isn’t.


On a Student’s Right to Choose…Writing Assignments

It’s hard to imagine, but there’s only four weeks of spring semester left at Concordia College. Continuing my reflection series on my course Word to the Wise: Writing for Religious & Social Change, this post considers my approach to assignments and, more specifically, what students have had to say about the assignments they’ve selected and […]


Coming soon: A New Position with the Center for Stewardship Leaders

This announcement is last week’s news on Facebook and Twitter, but I realized I failed to share here on the blog. I’m excited to announce my appointment as the next Director of the Center for Stewardship Leaders at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. I’ll begin July 1. It will be an honor to work […]


When Faith Goes to College . . . And Joins the Wrestling Team

I have a post up today on the new Bearings blog of the new BTS Center. Teaser below, but head to the Bearings blog for the full post. Considering the amount of online commentary available concerning the millennial generation and the future of the church, the relative dearth of attention paid to young adults’ experience […]