Complicating Values Based Budgeting

In my first few weeks directing the Center for Stewardship Leaders, it’s been fascinating to observe how often the topic of budgets comes up. Pastors, non-profit leaders, money managers, students, and others have all encouraged me, with the center’s resources, to emphasize the importance of careful budgeting. A common sub-theme of these conversations is the […]

On Running with Robots, Rhetoric, and Race

I’m training for a half marathon in a few weeks, so I’ve been listening to more podcasts than usual. The upside to listening to podcasts while running is a lot of great entertainment, storytelling, and news. The downside is not being able to take notes. One of those note-taking annoyances hit me last weekend during […]

Pastor, Bless My iPhone

Is it strange that pastors so rarely speak of smartphones, the main tool with which I serve God and neighbor?

Hybrid Pedagogy: Teaching Digital Wisdom

Hybrid Pedagogy is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal that, as their website explains… combines the strands of critical pedagogy and digital pedagogy to arrive at the best social and civil uses for technology and new media in education. avoids valorizing educational technology, but seeks to interrogate and investigate technological tools to determine their most progressive applications. invites […]

Same-Sex Marriage & the Christian Majority

Within 10 minutes on Monday morning, I ran into not one, but two news stories covering the “Christian reaction” to the Supreme Court’s ruling last week affirming the rights of citizens to same-sex marriage. I was first annoyed by the stories’ characterization of Christianity, but now I’m not so sure.

Ten Transitional Tidbits

The last few weeks have been a bit intense with a delightful vacation to visit family in Alaska, and a much less delightful placing of all my earthly belongings into boxes and then taking them out again a few days later. But, finally, Megan and I feel somewhat settled in Minneapolis. I start my new […]

Down with unhelpful, imprecise “worldview” talk

“Worldview” is one of those handy words that seems somewhat sophisticated….except that, it isn’t.

What’s the Point of a Pastor? | Bearings

An essay of mine went up yesterday at the BTS Center’s Bearings blog. In it I wonder, “What’s the point of a pastor?” and end up in an uncomfortable place. Conversation partners include an Emory English professor, Will Willimon, Craig Barnes, Rachel Held Evans, and Jesus. Check it out by clicking here, or on the image below.

Crowdfunding the Church | Christian Century

So this is cool. Real cool. Like, so very cool: I wrote the cover story for the current issue of The Christian Century magazine! Ahhhhhhh! Honestly, I’m still in a bit of shock from when I saw it for the first time (illustrated splendidly by James Yang). I didn’t know it was in the works — well, I knew […]

Writing Theologically: Writing Digitally

A few weeks ago I received a fun surprise package in the mail: Writing Theologically, edited by my friend and future colleague at Luther Seminary, Eric D. Barreto. Along with the books Reading Theologically, and Thinking Theologically, which came out a few months earlier, Writing Theologically serves as a foundation for learning for those considering or […]