MPR Commentary: “Let’s have some ground rules for debating the marriage amendment”

An opinion piece of mine went up at MPR News online today. In it, I try to set some ground rules for debating the marriage amendment that will be on Minnesota’s ballot come November. An excerpt of the article is below. I hope you go to the MPR site to read the full piece, share […]

26.2 Miles: Marathon Running and its Questionable Ends

My body doesn’t like marathons. I can get through them. I could run many more. But they feel far from marking health and wholeness. After 20 miles or so, it just gets silly.

Eugene Peterson: Pastor, Prolific Author, & RUNNER

The life of a pastor can be awfully rough sometimes. It’s comforting to know Eugene Peterson, in all his wisdom and new church development skills, struggled significantly at points. And it’s a comfort to know something as straightforward as running helped him outpace tough emotional times.

Review of the best running radio: iPod Nano 6th Generation

Also posted at I’ve used and broken many a running radio over the years. And, finally, I’ve found one that I’m completely happy with — and it’s not even, primarily, a radio. The 6th Generation iPod Nano is tiny, works well as a radio, and is also much more. There’s your usual cool iPod […]

RunRevRun: Keeping Fit, Keeping Faith

A cool new website launched last week, For some time pastors have used the hashtag #runrevrun on Twitter to comment on running, health, and exercise. Thanks to my buddy Adam Walker Cleaveland and some friends, #RunRevRun now has its own website. When I began seminary, I hated running. Though I had grown up watching […]

The Craziness is FINISHed: I ran a marathon

26.2 miles is a long way. A very long way. A very very long way. But I suppose I can now say that I ran that far. Not quickly, not prettily, not without some pain, but I got to that darn finish line. I ran a marathon. The weather for the race was pretty good: […]

Marathon Training Update: Change of Plans

Ok, here’s a quick update on operation run-a-marathon / prove-my-nuttiness campaign this October.  As you might remember, back in April I registered for the Twin Cities Marathon that will be run next Sunday, Oct 4.  My training was hampered a bit a few weeks back when I developed runners’ knee, but overall it’s been coming […]

I guess I'm a real runner now

Now that I have a real runners’ injury. You followers might remember me posting a while back about signing up for the Twin Cities Marathon. Well, my training had been going fairly well until this little setback. (Well, I’m praying it’s little, at least.) A few days ago now my right knee cap felt a […]

Jogging my memory: I may have lost it!

This is a post I never thought I’d write. For someone as boring as me, it’s rather exciting then. Ok, here’s the news: I’ve registered to run a marathon. Yes, a whopping 26.2 miles. Yes I am crazy. Yes I hated running… oh, for the first 24 or so years of my life. But I’m […]